Sudharshan Raajkumar E

I have spent 9 yrs in this school but not once have I felt doubtful that this was where I belonged. The things that I learnt here are absolutely priceless and irreplaceable; this does not include merely the education I received but the overall development of me as a person.

Our principal, Nimmi ma'am and Chairman have helped us a long way in achieving this target. Getting 97 is indeed a magnificent feat for me. Their expertise and experience has surely helped me immensely in the long run!

My teachers have been very supportive. This is not merely in words for they have been literally available even in the eleventh hour. They have been a motivation and inspiration especially throughout this rigorous one year. I know I'm here today, bragging with pride because of their valuable contributions. For this I shall be indebted to them forever! Starting from Hema ma'am, my English teacher to Durga ma'am, my math and chemistry expert to Naushad sir, our computer guide, to my Hindi teacher, Vandhana ma'am to Papiya ma'am, my biology teacher and all my other subject teachers, Premalatha ma'am, Rajoo ma'am, Mercy ma'am have all helped me greatly in achieving this goal.

To have achieved this score without going to any private tuitions isn't unbelievable for me. I never liked studying things from two different places, and with the help of the coaching I received from school the option of going to tuitions didn't require a second thought.

I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone in the school for making me achieve this feat.


Saniya S.K.

I Saniya S.K. am very proud to be a student of Clarence Public School. It is the support, encouragement and guidance of our principal maam, teachers and my parents that has helped me to score 96% in my 10TH ICSE board examination. My school has provided me with a lot of facilities. There are a lot of extra curricular activities and competitions which not only boost our cofidence but also bring out our hidden talents. My school has always ensured our safety. There are smart classes which make our understanding of the subject better. I am really grateful to my school for providing me with such good education because of which I didn't feel the need for attending any private tutions. A special thanks to our chairman sir who has motivated us so much.Thank you.


Harini M.S.

To the Principal, Clarence Public School
5. 4. 3. 2. 1. And the Results are out. 3pm on the 6th of May, 2016 marked the day of the results of the ICSE board exams 2016. Tension prevailed, and all our batch was in mixed spirits- some were tensed, others were cool. But I didn't really understand what I was going through. I seemed nervous, but I was excited. And at last my score came out. 97.2%? A dream come true. Maybe I've tried my best, but none of this would've been possible without the efforts of those teachers who didn't even know me until, say, 3 years ago. It's as though I was their own child and they wished I got the best of everything. From the best of friends to the best of reading material, my school has given me everything I needed to achieve my goal. Supportive faculty, talks with the principal, and an amazing and homely environment probably made this feat possible. The use of up to date teaching material like educomp smart boards, well-ventilated and air conditioned classrooms, adequate recreation and  reliable transport facilities enabled me to attend every single day of school and work freely towards my target. Proud to be a Clarencian- the student of a school that has been satisfying the basic need of education in a beautiful manner from the past 25 years.

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